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About Us

The Business of Bravado

While many merchandising companies claim to provide clients with what they want, Bravado is the one that really delivers. Our knowledgeable team of talented designers, seasoned executives and dedicated employees bring their innovative and fresh ideas to ensuring that our clients' wishes are attained. Bravado is well known as the world's leading music merchandising company; a reputation that was earned by our dedication to our clients, our ability to create on-trend products and our seamless production and delivery.

We are a full-service branded entertainment company that represents dozens of A-list entertainment properties around the world. We've built our reputation on high-quality, on-trend designs and our ability to adapt, while working closely with new & established clients, creating truly one-of-a-kind products carefully tailored to each artist or brand.

Once we've handpicked our respective resources to develop custom, dynamic merchandise, we connect with entertainment and fashion fans through many different avenues. We sell our products on live tours, via key retail outlets and through online stores. We also license rights to an extensive network of quality third party licensees around the world. Bravado's reach spans the globe, with offices in the world's largest cities, including London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Paris and Berlin. Bravado can be relied upon on to generate sustainable revenue streams, from all segments of the market.


Just a Click Away

Nowadays, Consumers are spending a greater proportion of their shopping dollars online than ever before. So reaching fans through a personalized internet e-commerce site is essential for selling branded merchandise. It's a highly-effective, instant and cost-effective way to present a wide-range of products and process orders.

Whatever your ambitions for on-line sales, from a complete web shop to a simple fulfillment service for your existing site, we can deliver a comprehensive web solution for you.

Bravado easily translates your ideas and creative vision to an e-commerce store that visually connects with fans, creating an experience where the merchandise matches the look and feel of the site, the brand, and especially, the style of the artist. We can help you create an online experience that reflects the artist's style and where consumers can find every item in a product line in one easy-to-navigate site. Bravado's graphic artists can design the site, while its technicians can build it.


On The Job Research

In a business that blends music, creativity and fashion, identifying the breaking trend is essential. By keeping pace with the future direction of colors, shapes and styles, we continually develop innovative products. As a result, we have become cultural barometers, constantly making the kind of products that appeal to the informed consumer.

At the center of the creative process is Bravado's in-house art & development team who are wildly creative and highly skilled in all aspects of product development. We also work with respected, independent design agencies and photographers to create the right look and personality for the artist's product range.